What is Islam?
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The Sealed Nectar
  A Biography of the Prophet by Saif-ur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri This book was awarded First prize by the Muslim world league at world-wide competition on the biography of the Prophet held at Makkah Al-Mukarramah in 1399H/1979.  

A Social Vision
  The religion of Islam is a comprehensive system of life, completed by Allah through the medium of sending the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to all mankind. The philosophy that underlines the legislation of Islam is that of perfect balance between individual and collective responsibility. In other words, there are individual duties and there are societal duties, and the two go hand in hand. Humans are social beings by nature, and as such must be integrated into societies. For this reason, scholars of old have said that rectification of the world lies in two important elements: a system that governs society as a whole, and components of the same system that result in individual peace.  

Stories of the Prophets
  Stories of the Prophet software is designed as a reference tool for anyone who wishes to learn about the Prophets, the messengers Almighty Allah has sent to mankind. The software will aid you in learning about the Prophet's lives, struggles, and victories, as well as the lessons that can be learned from the time they spent with our previous generations. This version features the addition of sub-topic titles, which further supplement the text and aid study.  

Family in Islam
  Since family is the basic unit of society, Islam lays great emphasis on the family system and its values. The basis of family is marriage. Islam prescribes rules to regulate family life so that both the spouses can live in tranquility, security and love. Marriage in Islam has aspects of `ibadah (worship) of Allah (God) in the sense that it is in accordance with His commandments that a husband and wife should love and help each other and rear their children to become true servants of Allah (God).  

Essential Lessons
  This work is a translation of Shaikh Abdul-Aziz bin Baz's book 'Ad-Duroos Al-Muhimmah li-Ammatil-Ummah.' It contains concise lessons that explains the fundamental teachings of Islam. This book covers a wide range of basic information, such as the meaning of Tawhid (Islamic monotheism), the categories and implications of Shirk (polytheism), the regulations of prayer, and Islamic morals and manners. As the title implies, these are truly essential lessons for everyone who is concerned with the correctness of his Islamic belief and acts of worship.  

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